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centenary celebration proclamation

For the first time ever in the Indian history a quarter of a million Kshatriyas assembled to express their solidarity as they felt it to be the need of the day. This was demonstrated on the auspicious day the 19th Oct. 1997 on the occasion of the Centenary Celebration of the AKHIL BHARTIYA KSHATRIYA MAHASABA at Lal Quila, Delhi making the day a turning point in the Kshatriyas annals

Kshatriyas from every corner of India and the world over enthusiastically assembled and the inaugural ceremony was performed by a young Kshatriya Kanya who lit the Divya Jyoti . In his opening speech the National President Yuvraj Dr. Digvijay Singh emphasised that this historic event will change the fortunes of the KSHATRIYA order by establishing the unity, and strength of the community and greatness of the country. Kshatriya Chief Ministers: Digvijay Singh, Bhairon Singh & Shanker Singh Vaghela, Ex Maharajas Dr.Karan Singh and of Jodhpur & Jaisalmer etc. among several State Ministers, scores of MP's, MLA's and ex. MP's, ex. MLA's addressed the immense gathering, and so did several Leaders of the Kshatriya order from all corners of India.

Never have such a, galaxy of Kshatriya leadership collected on one, platform to express their unity. Moreover, ever since Independence of India Kshatriyas were singled out and marginalised for no fault of theirs, his been labelled as being feudal, aristocrats and imperialists. This ASSEMBLY proved that they have full faith in the Democracy and the Democratic Constitution of India. The message is clear to all the POLITICAL PARTIES and the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA that neglecting and avoiding the interests of' the Kshatriyas will no longer be tolerated. Kshatriyas had sacrificed their heads even, whereas today it is only of head counts, in which we shall not remain far behind.

National President then put before the congregation a CHARTER for the community based on ‘KSHATRA DHARAM’ and RESOLUTIONS for reforms in Social, Educational, Political & Organisational fields were placed by the EXECUTIVE MEMBERS which were accepted & passed by the ESTEEMED ASSEMBLY.

--- A report by: JAI SINGH RATHORE